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New Clients: Bookings

Thank you for your interest in Little Hay Cattery. We understand how time-consuming choosing a cattery can be, so we’ve made things a little easier for you by putting all of the essential information in the drop-down list below.

If you would like to estimate the cost of a booking, please click here to use the Bill Calculator.

Please have a read through, and be sure to check our terms and conditions here and our Open Hours here.

If you would like to visit us before booking, please fill out the Visit Form here. Please note that this form also allows you to make a temporary reservation if you would like to do so – this is a free, no-pressure way to make sure we have space for your cat on the dates you’re hoping to go away.
If you are happy to make a Firm Booking without visiting us first, please click here. We will reply in 24-48 hours to let you know whether or not we have space. If we approve your Firm Booking, your cat will be guaranteed a space for the agreed span of dates, unless you cancel.
No, sorry - nobody will be available to meet you, or to check cats into or out of the cattery, outside of Open Hours.

Little Hay Cattery is a family-run business, and shares its site with several homes, other small businesses, and a working farm. Little Hay Cattery is closed to the public outside of Open Hours, even if the gates are open and people are about.

We thank you for your understanding and courtesy in this matter.
Yes – you can either fill in hard copies of the forms in our office, or download and complete the Admin Pack at home.
  • Your cat, in a suitable carrier;
  • A completed copy of our Admin Pack;
  • An up-to-date copy of your cat’s Vaccination Record;
  • Food, unless you would like us to supply it for an extra fee of £1 per day for each cat;
  • Any prescription food or medicine, as we cannot supply this;
  • Any special cat litter that is medically required;
  • A blanket or toy that smells of home, if you feel your cat would like this.

We provide bowls, bedding, scratching posts, cat litter, litter trays, toys, and (if requested, for an extra £1 per day for each cat) a range of high-quality wet and dry cat foods.

We do not normally take deposits, as we find that it is most convenient for our customers to pay the full amount on collection.
Cats can only stay with us if they are up-to-date with all the standard vaccinations, flea treatments, and worming treatments by the time they arrive. If your cat is not currently on a vaccination programme, please ensure you leave four clear weeks between the first vaccination and the start of your cat’s stay, in order to allow enough time...

We regret that we cannot accommodate unneutered adult male cats (i.e. Tom cats) as they release pheromones which upset our other guests.
We are happy to care for injured or unwell cats as long as their vet can confirm (if necessary) that they are fit to stay with us, and they do not present an infection risk to our other guests. We are experienced in administering medication according to vets’ instructions, and adapting pens to suit the needs of cats with sensory impairments or mobility issues.
To ensure that we don’t run out of suitable vacancies before your visit, we can make a Reservation based on any holiday dates you put on the form.

We do not charge anything for Reservations, and you are welcome to cancel your Reservation at any time. You can even leave the Reservation section of the form blank if you want to, and just fill out the parts of the form which are marked with asterisks.

Please note that if you do choose to make a Reservation, you will be offered the choice of three types of pen: Single Pen; Double Pen (for up to three cats); and Large Family Pen (for up to three cats, or for cats who enjoy more space and climbing opportunities). The differences in cost are shown on our Prices page.

Fields marked with an asterisk must be filled in before this form be submitted