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Existing Clients: Bookings

Thank you for supporting Little Hay Cattery. As a small family business, we value our loyal clients highly, and it gives us great pleasure to see the same faces (both human and feline) returning year after year.

We encourage you to make Firm and Provisional Bookings online, using the facilities below. Before you do, we advise you to make sure that you are up-to-date with our Open Hours and Policies.

If you have a question, please scroll down the list and see if it’s answered here. If it isn’t, please feel free to call us or send an email using the details on our Contact page.

If you would like to estimate the cost of a booking, please click here to use the Bill Calculator.

If you have some vacation dates in mind and would like to make a Firm Booking, please click here.

We will reply to you within 24-48 hours to let you know if we have space available. Once your Firm Booking has been approved, your cat is guaranteed a space for the dates we have agreed. If you would like to change or cancel a booking, please call or e-mail us at your earliest convenience.
If you aren’t quite ready to make a Firm Booking but you would like to reserve a space temporarily, please click here.

We will reply to you within 24-48 hours to let you know if we are able to reserve a space for the dates you have requested.

As soon as you are ready to make a Firm Booking, you should notify us either by calling or by completing the Firm Booking form here.

IMPORTANT: at busy times of year, we may need to contact you (by telephone and/or email) because we are unable to hold onto your reservation unless you are ready to make a Firm Booking. From the time of our first call or email, you will have 48 hours to make a Firm Booking (which can be done via the Firm Booking form, e-mail, or over the telephone). If you have not done so by the time the 48 hours is up, we will have to give other clients the opportunity to make a Firm Booking.
Full payment is due on the day you collect your cat, and can be paid either in cash or by cheque. Payments are non-refundable.

You will be billed for the total number of calendar days you have booked.

Although you are welcome to collect your cat early, we cannot give discounts to reflect the unused portion of the booking. This is because we plan our occupancy and staffing levels in order to accommodate your cat for the full span of dates you requested, and we still have to bear the associated costs even if you pick your cat up early.

However, if you collect your cat before 10 am, we will be pleased to waive the fee for that day’s stay.
You will need to fill out a new set of forms if: your contact details have changed; your emergency contacts have changed; you are bringing a new cat to us; or an existing cat has developed a medical condition. To download a new set of forms, please click here. If your cat has developed new medical needs, please note that we will need you to supply any medication or special food required when you drop off your cat.
No, sorry – nobody will be available to meet with you, or to check cats into or out of the cattery, outside of Open Hours.

Little Hay Cattery is a family-run business, and shares its site with several homes, other small businesses, and a working farm. Little Hay Cattery is closed to the public outside of open hours, even if the gates are open and people are about.

We thank you for your understanding and courtesy in this matter.
Don’t worry! You should be able to get a new copy from your vet. If not, please just bring your vet’s contact details with you when you drop your cat off.
  • Our Open Hours have changed - please click here for details;
  • We have updated our policies – please click here for details;
  • We have made it easier to make Firm Bookings and Provisional Bookings online – please see below for links to the web forms;
  • We have made it easier to download the forms – please see below for the link to the new Admin Pack;
  • We have introduced a Bill Calculator to help you estimate the cost of your cat’s stay – please click here to use it;
  • We will be enforcing our policy of charging for the full duration of all booked stays.
If you need a new Admin Pack because you have acquired a new cat, or because some important information about you/your existing cat(s) has changed, please click here.

If you have a query, please click here to visit our Contact page, where you will find answers to our Frequently Asked Questions, along with our email address and telephone number.